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Why Choose Our Ear Cleaner ?
Our Ear Cleaner is exactly what your pet needs and the doctor ordered! Cruelty free, naturally derived ingredients and from a trusted brand with our product manufactured here in the UK to GMP standards.
Our ingredients are picked by ourselves, plant derived and formulated for dogs.:

Scracthing of ears 

Wax & dirt buildup that clog the ear canals 

Unpleasant odour coming from the ears. 

Non Drying Formula, Ph Balanced & proven to be effective. 

Unlike other brands on the market claiming to 100% Natural, we understand that there is more to it than just that.  Our formula is:

Ph Balanced for non irritation, super effective at removing wax, dirt and debris in the ear canal 

Packed full of plant based ingredients, evenly balanced to offer supreme targeted action. 

Formula recommended by UK VETS & trusted by our furry following!

Scientifically formulated in a BRC GMP facility, proven to work and work FAST!

Paw origins Ear cleaner 250ml

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